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Bespoke Security & Training Solutions

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Professional & Executive Security Specialists

AEC Protection is a well established, professional & executive Security Company operating across the South of England.

You stand to gain highly trained operatives who you can trust to deliver the requisite level of expertise in protection & specialist fields, whilst ensuring that your clients can conduct their duties devoid of any unnecessary disruption.

In order to gauge an individual’s attributes and their suitability, it is prudent to look at their past performance and background. In this case the character traits of self-discipline, determination, adaptability, courage and dependability have all been developed whilst our operatives have served in specialist units of the UK Military, Police & Government Intelligence Services.

The above mentioned attributes and the unwavering strength of character have proved invaluable during countless UK Operations & multiple deployments overseas.

Professional & Executive Security Specialists

AEC Organisational Accreditations



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